Parents Make a Difference

a license plate to promote the value of parents, children and the family.

Parents Make a Difference

Plate Information

why was this tag created?

A research paper written for Emory University revealed how children are hurt by the simple fact that they don't have many occasions to have family meal time together. The study indicated the single strongest predictor of academic achievement scores and low rate of behavioral problems was the amount of home-based family meal time. The study concluded that American teenagers who had five or more dinners per week with a parent had better psychological adjustment, lower rates of alcohol and drug use, and lower suicidal risk. (The Emory Center for Myth and Ritual in American Life Working Paper No. 26, May 2003)

The point is, Parents Make a Difference in their children's lives...a huge difference. This one fact, if understood by parents, would have a tremendous impact on their children's future. The Parents Make A Difference license plate was created to inform parents, in the most creative ways possible, on how to raise a generation of healthy children.

how will the money be used?

The Parents Make A Difference license plate revenue will be used by The Gathering/USA to educate parents in Florida how to be the best moms and dads possible. This will be done through a variety of initiatives:

1. Dads and Moms That Make A Difference Seminars - This is a half day seminar offered either to the corporate world, through social agencies, or churches; using lecture, interaction, video clips and presentations. It covers the three essential things parents can do for their children.

2. Providing funds to offset the costs of Moms or Dads retreats for parents who struggle to pay the weekend fees.

3. Providing the funds to offset professional counselling fees for parents who are struggling with family issues.

what is the singular purpose?

A heightened sense of awareness among parents as to the impact they have on their children's future and to learn three simple things they can do to facilitate the growth of a productive child.

what is the long term vision?

To catch the attention of every parent in Florida and to encourage them to make a difference in the lives of their children.

what about other states?

We will test the impact of the plate in Florida before attempting to go to other states.

how do you define family?

A child or children who live together with a biological parent(s), adoptive parent(s) or an adult guardian.

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