Parents Make a Difference

a license plate to promote the value of parents, children and the family.

How to get our plate

Registration Process

step one - application for a specialty license plate:

Click here to download the application for a specialty license plate. If you would like to save time fill out Section 2 of the Application (All of the Florida HMV Offices have these forms as well). In the section REPLACEMENT REASON check the Voluntary box and list "switch to Parents Make a Difference" for the reason.

Leave SECTION 4 blank.

On to the next step...

step two - find your closest florida highway & motor vehicle office:

Click here to find your county and then scroll down to a listing of Florida Motor Vehicle Services Offices to find the one closest to you.


step three - take your application to a florida hmv office:

Take your filled-out application and your existing license plate to your local county Florida HMV office to switch to the new Parents Make a Difference License Plate.

There will be a one-time application fee of $18 to switch to the new plate if done so before the scheduled renewal date (if you switch on your renewal date the cost is $10). The annual cost is only $27 in addition to your normal renewal fees which is then donated to The Gathering.

Purchase Your Plate Today!

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