Parents Make a Difference

A License Plate to promote the value of Parents, Children and the Family.

Heath Evans, New Orleans Saints Fullback, joined us to talk about the following topics on Parenting:

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Parents Make a Difference in their children's lives...a huge difference. This one fact, if understood by parents, would have a tremendous impact on their children's future. The Parents Make A Difference license plate was created to inform parents, in the most creative ways possible, on how to raise a generation of healthy children.

The revenue, from this license plate, will be used by The Gathering/USA to educate parents in Florida how to be the best moms and dads possible. This will be done through training seminars, family retreats and counseling

Tales From The Dinner Table

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On the way to work today I was flipping radio channels back and forth from one talk program to another.  I guess this is a sign of the male gender exercising control by switching programs at will or a sign of the culture where our attention span lasts about 15 seconds.

Whatever the case, I heard a radio personality talking about an experience he had one Saturday when he was responsible for taking care of his kids and had taken them to a park in a large US city.    As he was watching the children playing on the swing set, monkey bars, etc. he noticed a young girl (she was around 6 years old) squat in the middle of the activity and go to the bathroom.  Somewhat aghast,  he was looking around trying to find her mother.  Then two other girls proceeded to do the same thing, in the same place going number 1 and number 2.  More »